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We are a dynamic and ambitious company, presenting the highest standards of our services and image.

The company’s main activities – trading technical equipment for industrial, energy, construction and transport companies. We strive to make our products to be delivered to the client on reasonable terms. Most production supply is directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries. This allows us to offer competitive and atractive price for the customer.

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Official GERB representative

In November 2014, we assigned an agency agreement with german manufacturer GERB
Schwingundsisolierung GmbH & Co. KG. Company specialises in vibration damping elements,
control systems and other solutions which reduce vibration in production process. The proposed
products are designed for industrial equipment, machine tools, bridges, stadiums, railway lines
and other infrastructure particularly with specific vibratory loads. The company motto "Vibration
can be controlled, no matter where it is" perfectly reflects attitude of the world's largest manufacturer of anti-vibration elements.

Company's engineers and designers will select solution to every customer and their individual problem.